Welcome to Scaffolding

Welcome to XYZ Scaffolding

If you are looking for scaffolding/stillasbyggere solutions for your project, you have come to the right place. Welcome to XYZ scaffolding. We are a premier construction equipment supplier with long running experience in this industry. Our company uses the highest quality of materials in its construction materials and this has earned us the trust of the industry. With our experience, we are best suited to provide all your building structures guaranteeing safety of the crew and enhanced efficiency at all your projects.

Brief Look at XYZ Scaffolding Solutions

Scaffolds have been in use for over 17,000 years, but the designs and materials used to build these temporary structures have changed tremendously. The primary aim of our scaffolds is to provide a stable platform for workers, equipment and materials they are using at different heights. Our stable structures can be used in new constructions, renovations, repairs, window cleaning, and access to high areas among other uses.

Our Range of Scaffolding Solutions

The construction industry is undergoing rapid changes and at XYZ, we strive to keep up with these developments in all our scaffold systems. The common designs of scaffolds in the market include timber and tubular scaffolding, H-frame scaffolds, prefabricated modular scaffolds. At XYZ, we use the strongest materials as per regulatory standards when building our scaffolds and this has helped us become one of the most recommended contractors in this business.

Our scaffold solutions include:

Suspended scaffolds: These are suspended from the roof when it is not possible to construct a solid base. They are ideal for very tall buildings where the crew only needs to access upper levels.

Supported scaffolds: These structures are built from the base and they vary in design depending on the number of crew and weight of materials. They are the most common and popular scaffolds in the industry.

Rolling scaffolds: Rather than use a stable base, these scaffolds have castor wheels and they are ideal when a long façade of a building is being built. They are versatile and can be applied for new construction, repairs and painting.

Mobile scaffolds: These are perfect if a lot of movement is expected at site.

Why XYZ Scaffolding Solutions?

Our business is fully licensed and carries public utility insurance for our clients’ protection. More importantly, we have the best designers in the market with the highest level of training. Our trained technicians offer custom-design scaffolding to suit your unique needs. Our designs are assessed and accredited independently to guarantee safety.

If you are looking for the best scaffolds for your construction project, give us call today for further consultations.