Planning a stag party

Stag parties are a perfect way for the groom to celebrate his last days as a fiance before he ties the knot. However, it’s important for the groom and his squad to do it responsibly and not do anything that could jeopardize his marriage ( While planing a stag party, you must do it in an orderly manner to make it a success. The best man to the groom is often in charge of the planning and needs to do it perfectly with other members who will turn up to the event.

How do you plan a stag party? Here are steps you can consider the following:

1. Collect the numbers

You need to have a definite number of people who will attend the event. Ask the people closest to the groom out for the party and have a number you can manage ( Do not forget to pick a number that will contribute to the budget because you certainly need to pay for a few things here and there. As you decide on the numbers, remember to consider how much fun the groom will have around them and only pick those who have shared memories and struggles with him to make the party memorable.

2. Venue

After picking the numbers, you need to consider picking a venue to host the event. A perfect or ideal venue will be easily accessible by all and known by them as well. It can be a place all of you shared memory at or means something to the groom. Do not forget how affordable and accessible to pay it will be for you because you need to table it in your budget. As you pick the venue, ensure it’s perfect for the stag party theme and spacious enough to host the numbers. Check on its availability within the event’s probable date and ask for how much downpayment is needed.

3. Budget

Now that you have a venue for the event, you need to budget your expenses ( However, the budget doesn’t only include the venue charges but also other costs such as limo hire, costumes for the stag theme, and other expenses that will be incurred on the day. As you make the budget, ensure all contribute to it evenly or according to financial abilities to make it fair enough for everyone. Also include allocating emergency expenses that may arise during the day to play safe. Contributions should be received days before the event to ensure you have no last-minute surprises.

4. Prior bookings

The venue and transport need to be booked before the stag party. After contributions are made, make a downpayment on the agreed amount by the venue host and transport service company you picked. Booking early enough lets you have less stress about last minutes rushes and allows you to enjoy undeniable discounts. As you make the prior bookings, always inform the rest of the members on how much is left now to spend to be on the right track and transparent about your spending.

Planning a stag party